Avash is a Bengali Musical band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The band declare its official commencement on December 16, 2017.

Avash formed by a group of musicians who are active in Bangledshi music arena for a long period of time. The frontman Tanzir Tuhin was a member of renown Shironammhin for a long decade before forming Avash. He was also engage with some solo singing work.Monjurul Islam Sumon was a member of Band Dhrubok and Setar.Rinku Imam and Shawon Kaium was member of prominent band Obscure.Raajue Sheikh was a member of Obscure for 5 years including Echoes and also engage with many prominent artist and Band of Bangladesh.

Tanzir Tuhin : Vocal
Raajue Sheikh – Bass
Sumon Monjurul – Guitar
Rinku Imam – Drums
Shawon Kaium – Keys